Thursday, October 1, 2015

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge _ September

I imagine a writing table near this window and someone periodically glancing at the view as they indulge in the retro act of corresponding to a loved one via a written letter.  The words are flowery and sepia toned and spill onto the page as if they were tumbling directly from the heart.  Which of course they are.  A trinket is attached - a leaf - inspired by the greenery of the view.  The path in the right hand upper 1/3 of the picture is the path they take to post the letter.  It is cobbly but then passes into a patch of soft silky green enclosed by a fence.   Here is the necklace I made that I think represents this image to me.  It  features my handmade poly clay script focal and beads, gemstones, hand dyed silk cord and chain.

I was also taken by the lovely blending of the weathered palette and subdued tones in the picture.   A polymer clay bead I  made earlier this year reminded me of this view.  This was my bead entry.


  1. Very lovely Terri. Congratulations on your win. Well earned.

  2. Congrats on being one of the random winners this month! Your necklace was so stinkin' creative! (big grin)

  3. Thanks ladies. I actually did not know I won til I saw your comments. Put a smile on my face just to be part of it. The last weeks have been very trying.

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  5. A lovely design and great use of colors!


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