Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ocean blog Hop - The Big Reveal - And There is a Bounty, Mates

The Drop

I was astonished by the hefty weight of beads that showed up in my mailbox.  After hauling the package down to my secret bead cave, I tore into it like a hungry beast finding scraps in a dark alley after weeks on the prowl.

 There's a Turtle bead - be still my beating heart!!!!

I was well into my third or fourth piece (of eight) before I remembered to take the “before” picture showing the beads as they arrived.  Oh well, I thought.  I am among friends who break this rule all the time.  Aren’t I?  See my previous post for the "Before" picture.

The Big Reveal

It just tickles me to make necklaces that can be worn different ways. You can change the look of this necklace just by turning the piece around.  Funky, chunky by day; elegant, swellegant by night.  Or live on the edge and wear it with half sea glass, half beads and chain in front.  
 But sign of the Turtle bead???
Water Spirits

Water Spirits Bracelet
Next up, I decided I wanted to bead weave and create texture and movement.  An icy cool, sassy sea siren on the lookout for naughty pirates and missing turtles.
Sea Siren
I am thinking some earrings are needed about now, aren't you? 
 Psst, do you see a turtle? (Answer:  Not yet - Turtle bead's killing me cause I can't find a home for her)
There are still tons of beads left burning a hole on my table. The guilt is weighing me down.  So, I think, well, I will make a loooong necklace. Yeah, yeah, that will do it.  Something you can wear extra long using lots of beads. I added a clasp so you could also shorten it (see end of blog for another way to wear the piece).  And because I needed to use that clasp somewhere!!
Wait!   This can't be happening. The Turtle bead is left stranded on the table.
Sea Treasure
Well, I did not do much wirework I noticed. How about a bangle? Something I have not tried before. Why not make some waves, eh? 
 I won't say it but you know who is missing...sigh.
Happy dance time!!!!  Turtle has made her appearance!!!  And she's rocking it, way ahead of the rest of the beads.  Oh Yeah.  No matter how they toss the dice - it had to be (some of you will know why I put that line in here cause elsewise it makes no damn sense).  I called this "The Keys" because if all goes well, we will be living in paradise Key West in a couple months.  If there is anyone living there already, please give a holler in the comments section.
The Keys
More views of the pieces 
Another way to wear Sea Treasure
Looking forward to hearing what you think and which piece you like best.  And to seeing what everyone else did with their booty. Thanks Lisa Lodge of  Pine Ridge Treasures for hosting this delightful event.  May the beads be with you.  Links to others in the hop.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ocean Blog Hop - Da Stash & Sneak Preview

Wow!  I got a lot of stuff from Lisa Lodge for this hop.  In fact, I was so excited tearing into everything, I forgot to take a picture until after I opened and got into some items.  Now, I know that never happens to any of you.  Luckily, I was able to rescue a number of the beads, which are pictured below.  I can tell you I was determined to and did use every bead (well nearly every).   I made 8 pieces of jewelry, including strung, bead weaved, and wire worked.  There are 2 big reveal dates (May 31 and June 14th).  Mine is the May 31st date so stay tuned...

The Stash

The finished jewelry

A two for One Necklace - creating detachable parts

After I created this necklace, I wondered if it would be better plain or with the leaves added. My sister-in-law suggested I find a way to m...