Friday, February 12, 2016

15% off in my etsy shop - Storewide SALE!!!!!

LOVE 15.  That 's the coupon code to use at checkout for 15% off on any and all purchases in my Etsy Shop.  That includes all of my beads AND my jewelry.  Valentine's day is coming up so I wanna spread some love around.  Here are a few items that are new in my shop.  But, first here is me and my new hat!!!

Stamped and painted polymer clay hearts  Click here

Hearts and flowers and all sorts of wonders.  Click here
Hearts, fish and stuff.  Click here
A nice funky eclectic mix.  Click here

Cosmos.  Click here

A two for One Necklace - creating detachable parts

After I created this necklace, I wondered if it would be better plain or with the leaves added. My sister-in-law suggested I find a way to m...