Friday, July 18, 2014

Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop - The big Reveal

Yikes! I am doing this on my SmartPhone (while swearing) surrounded by boxes from my recent move to Key West. No matter.  The beads must go on!!!

Unfortunately,  I just realized to add pics from my SmartPhone, blogger only let's me take a picture. So, I can't access my gallery that shows da booty I got.   It was a lovely mix of picture jasper shapes and silver findings.

That cool leather triangle focal is from Melinda Orr. I threw in a few of my painted beads and wire, and some ceramic beads just cause I could, he- he.
Next I went Tribal.  I really love mixing shades of brown and then throwing in that chunky eye bead (agate?) I had around for ages. I think it was watching me the whole time.  But, I outspooked it cause I was damn near giddy crazy when I finished. 
Thanks for checking me out. Here are others who participated.  I need to send you to our gracious host, Lisa lodge's page.

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