Sunday, December 9, 2018

Stacking necklaces

There's stacked bracelets.  Why not stacked necklaces?  I had made three fringy fabric necklaces before I got the idea about stacking them.  I was digging the whole elizabethan look of it.  Not to be confused with a clown collar although I don't find much difference other than the less dignified sound of it.  ha ha.

Here is my stacked collar necklace.  Below that are the 3 individual necklaces.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Etsy mini -- You CAN still Add it to your website or blog -Here's How

Since I opened my new shop Dancing Jewelry Poet, I went through all the machinations of setting up the shop and then tried to add it to my blog.  The only problem was I didn't see anything on the etsy site that addressed how to do it.  There used to be an "etsy mini" icon you could just click on to get the java script.  No more.

In my hunt to learn if I just couldn't find it or if it was no longer possible, I am happy to report I found a way to do it.  Here's how:

Here's the javascript you need to use.  Where I have it highlighted, you need to replace that number with YOUR etsy shop ID number.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">new Etsy.Mini(5639759,'gallery',3,6,1,'');</script>

Here is the link to the instructions for finding your etsy shop number:

If you are adding to blogger, go to design/layout.  Click add gadget and scroll/select HTML/Javascript.   A box will come up allowing you to add a title and paste the javascript.

  I was able to add both my shops to my blog.  See on right hand side.  

Jewelry displays are my best friends

I confess that sometimes I spend days scouring the web looking for jewelry displays and display ideas.  I love all the various options and the DIY items people create out of seemingly endless materials - cardboard, wood, resin, paper, found items, items from dumpster diving.  

I have had some far out displays in my time including driftwood I picked up from a friend.  My biggest supplier of displays nowadays is Nile Corporation.  I just have found them to be less expensive and I love the linen display choices they have that fit varying budgets.  

I got a mannequin head I named Bella from ebay and I especially love her.  she's sophisticated but not overly snobbish. She does, after all, have a small nick on her nose from a bad fall a couple seasons ago.  I am not sure if I could paint her but I might consider it one day as she is showing a tiny bit of age.

I also recently acquired a dress form I wanted for longer and/or larger pieces.  Great for pictures and shows.  I got that from Supply Store Warehouse and I got a peg board from the same place.  

Then there are the assortment of bust sizes.  The linen ones are from Nile Corporation.  The wood one is from etsy.  I got plain wood ones and painted them. The mini busts are from etsy here.

And the hand I got from etsy I believe.  

  Earring Racks I got on etsy here.

Cuff rack I got here.  She appears to be out of the one I got.

That's about all for today.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Is Cork Fabric the New Leather?

I saw it in the local fabric store and immediately had to have it.  I love the look of leather but not the guilty feel of using it to make my jewelry.  It's called cork fabric and I was immediately impressed with how sophisticated and leather like it looks and feels.

My mission was to find if it performed well in making bead embroidered items.  I am here to tell you it does!

And here's proof.

Here's what it looks like when you buy it.  The feel is really nice.  At least the stuff I got at my local fabric store in Key West has a wonderful feel.  I googled it and got this pic from online at Sassafras Lane.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Road to a Show

I haven't done a show in a couple years now.  I forgot how much work it is.  Not so much the jewelry making for me as I have a lot of inventory.

 It's everything else. I decided to go for a new look in my display style.  Instead of funky, I am going cleaner, more sophisticated.

I even have a new show name and etsy shop --- Dancing Jewelry Poet.    It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Everyone in Key West who knows me knows I like to dance.  And I like to think of my work as wearable poetry.  So, well that's the name I came up with.

 I googled it AFTER I set up my new shop and then saw lots of jewelry featuring dancing shapes.   Maybe I will rethink that name down the road but not until my 250 business cards are almost gone.  ha ha.  I still have my Shanty Chic Beads etsy shop which is for my poly clay beads and jewelry.

Anyway, here's my show checklist:
  1. Make sure my square works (it wasn't  up to date - had to order a new one).
  2. Find the right tables and displays - ordering more if I need them.
  3. Get pricing tags
  4. Price all my items
  5. Get gift boxes to fit large necklaces and my larger cuffs.  Order gift bags
  6. Practice setting up so I know what risers and displays I need.  Order what I don't have.  In this case, I had a neighbor build me displays and risers and ordered necklace busts.
  7. Take pictures of my setup.  I bring these to the show to help me set up.
  8. Order fitted tablecloths.
  9. Get cash to make change for cash customers.
  10. Get storage containers to haul my stuff.
  11. Order new business cards.
  12. Make sure I have a checkout table and chair for myself.
  13. Make sure my tent is in working order.  Tent weights/bungee cords ready.
  14. Paint all my new stands and risers.  This was a lot of work but worth it.
  15. Get a battery charger to enhance the life of my battery so my phone works through the show
  16. Check printer and get inks if needed to print pictures of setup.

Here was my practice setup before my new displays were painted. I have 4 tables of jewelry - a mix of high end bead embroidered pieces (table 1) and lesser priced bead woven/bead embroidered and poly clay pieces.  Because these were shot indoors, they are not the best pics but I take them to help me remember how to set up my table.

This is my high end jewelry table. 
I ordered plain Kraft large size jewelry boxes but decided to paint them.  This was fun at first but took a lot longer than I thought it would. Especially the ones that I used alcohol inks on.  Here are some examples:

The alcohol ink boxes took long to make and even using a straw to blow the ink around I couldn't get the smell of the alcohol out of my head.  I will save the technique for another post.

 Here's a closeup of some of the high end pieces.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cuffs - My latest love

I am not someone who is normally into making lots of bracelets.  My jam is mostly necklaces and earrings.  However 2018 proved to be the year of the cuff/bracelet for me.    First I dived into poly clay cuff making and found myself making about 15 cuffs in a couple weeks time.

 That was interrupted by a bead embroidery class which turned my cuff making attention to bead embroidered cuffs. 

Here are most of them starting with the most recent ones.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Class Revisited - Or How Sherry Got my Bead Embroidery Mojo Back

When I heard Sherry Serafini was coming to the Bead Retreat in Orlando, FL, I jumped on it.  Living in Key West, I always have to travel for bead classes because there are none in areas of highest interest to me - bead embroidery and polymer clay. And you pretty much can't go any higher than being in a class with Sherry.

My first exposure to Sherry was a master's class she held in Virginia where she taught lots of tips and techniques for upping your game.  We each brought our own design ideas and beads.  It was fantastic.  This time around we learned and created Sherry's designs. 

Here are the results with some slight modifications on my part.

And below is the one from the Master's class several years ago,which is my own design.

Stacking necklaces

There's stacked bracelets.  Why not stacked necklaces?  I had made three fringy fabric necklaces before I got the idea about stacking th...