Monday, September 21, 2015

Beading Make Over - When Too Much is, Well, Too Much

I am sure most of us have had the experience in which we get into some passionate frenzy with something and fall in love with our art whether it be words, beads, jewelry, painting --- whatever ---and we find we can't edit.  We just can't bring ourselves to chop one itsy bitsy comma away.

 Now, normally, I am one who tends to have trouble adding more.  I get this tight feeling in my tummy and wince when I think of more, more, more and have to look away to let my hand do what it pleases.

I had just gotten home from the Clay Carnival in Vegas and was rummaging through my beads looking for candidates on which to practice my new riveting technique. Once the riveting was done, I felt the beads needed something more.  But what I was not sure.

Then I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  A wad of ribbon had heaped itself over a large wooden basket I keep it in.  It was literally dangling over a couple shelves and I could see it out of the corner of my eye every time I used the computer.

I don't have any ears missing or anything like that but I felt mad (in an insanely giddy way) when I saw it.  I suddenly knew just what to do and my head and heart and hands were all in sync.  Away I went and came up with this piece which I initially liked...

Until a week or so later when I took a picture of myself in it and felt it looked too over the top.  Here is that picture below.  Decided it needed a trim.  Common sense does kick in with some distance. he he.

 Here is the final product. I removed ribbon on bottom and trimmed the top ribbons. Phew!  That was close!!!!  This one is now in my shop at:  Shanty Chic Beads on Etsy

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