Sunday, December 6, 2015

Polymer Clay - Seeing the Possibilities in Store Bought Shapes

My eye is always roving the streets and stores for shapes to use in my Polymer Clay Creations.  Last week, at the Ben Franklin store, I found a shape I thought might be useful to create a blank for a necklace.  Initially, I thought I would use it as is.  However, once I got it home and cut out the shape on my poly clay, I was not happy with all the sharp edges, so I started cutting into it and reshaping them.  I figured the worst that could happen was I would have to re sheet the clay.  Instead the best thing happened.  I got some interesting ideas for shaping and linking the shapes.  I took the clay shape I had cut out and cut three shapes from it and then modified these shapes to make the beads I wanted.  Then I connected the three new shapes and added the bird and flower beads over the connection points.

Here is the result.  The shape with the stars is what I started with.

A two for One Necklace - creating detachable parts

After I created this necklace, I wondered if it would be better plain or with the leaves added. My sister-in-law suggested I find a way to m...