Monday, June 6, 2016

Peacock pretty - Before and After

Many years ago when I was just a baby clayer, I took a class with Christie Friesen to make a peacock.  When I finished that class, I was, well, proud as a peacock.

 It's only many years later, when I dusted the piece off again, that I found myself scrunching my nose at it.  If you are a bead or jewelry artist, I think you know exactly the look I mean.  Often accompanied, it is, by a silent "what was I thinking" and then by air involuntarily releasing itself from puffed cheeks.  But I am a real believer that anything can be saved.  And I mean anything (just about).

 And that's where paint comes in, which is my favorite first responder tool.  I used Genesis Heat Set Paints to transform the colors from blah to fab (at least that is what I think today) and threw in some of my painted metal and wirework connectors to redesign the necklace.

Here are the results starting with the AFTER.

The make over results
Below is the BEFORE


  1. I love your remade necklace, and the idea that anything can be saved.

  2. Wow, what a great transformation. It looks fantastic and I love that you were able to create something more beautiful.

  3. Love your remake. Love your style of jewelry too!

  4. Fantastic transformation! Like many others, I'm fighting for every piece of jewelry to the end :) And if it doesn't work, I use the leftovers for a new piece.

  5. Thanks everyone. Appreciate your taking the time to comment.


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