Friday, April 3, 2015

Jasper Intrique Blog Hop - The flight of the Octupus

The mailer arrived and as always I was anxious to see what's inside.  Lisa had been sending a lot of colorful stuff my way.  I had expectations.  So as to seem more civilized, I used kitchen scissors to cut open the mailer rather than tearing into it like a ravenous bead hound.  Out came the beads in a nice clump.

 Yikes - they were brown!!!!.  Now, brown used to be a favorite color but since moving to the Rock (Key West), I have been excising that color from my wardrobe in favor of bright island colors and working primarily in brights.  They were lovely beads, but I felt uninspired.  Then I saw the Octopus bead.  We locked eyes and I immediately knew he was a kindred spirit.  I wondered how to make the best use of him.

  I thought about creating poly clay beads to go with him.  I thought about using him as a pendant in a necklace.  I thought about painting him.  I thought about creating a poly clay mold from him (which I did by the way).  Anything but just using him as was.

 I think one night he snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping and re-programmed my brain cause the next day I was sure that what I wanted to do was to just let him be and to use the beads I was given and see what happens.  The result was a funky, swingy multi-strand bracelet.  

Here is the stash I received.

And here is the bracelet.

We would sing and dance around because we know we can't be found.  Now I have that tune in your head.  he-he.
Thanks Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  To view the rest of the hoppers stuff, go to Lisa's page at or click on one of the links below.

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  1. The octopus did not steer you wrong! Your bracelet is beautiful and fun!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! That Octopus is just too cute. Great piece!

  3. This is such a cool bracelet, you were right to follow the octopus!

  4. Excellent use of Oakie Terri. Bracelet is beautiful.

  5. I am so glad that he snuck into your dreams because that is a wonderful bracelet.

  6. Hi Terri,
    Glad the octopus danced into your dreams and had you use him in the gorgeous bracelet. A true octopus's garden delight.

  7. You did that octopus proud Terri.

  8. So glad the octopus inspired you, Terri. I love the bracelet. Thanks for being in the hop!

  9. Oh, I love what you created! This little octopus was a perfect little inspiration!

  10. that octopus has a big personality


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