Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sometimes you Just Gotta Rework it!

This necklace began it's life as a a straight forward stringing piece.  I checked the archives but unforunately, right before I moved, I got into a "search and destroy" mission and removed most of the files from my computer, including the original design of this one.  I am clueless as to why this frenzy involved deleting most of the pictures of my old work.  It's true I was planning to ditch this computer.  And, yes, it's true, there were some early designs that made me cringe.  Still...????   Anyway, here it is today with gorgeous handmade lampwork flowers from a German artist whose name slips my memory.  Her work is so exquisite.


  1. Love this necklace! Very fresh and wearable.

  2. Beautiful Ter! Difficult to imagine any of your work ever made you cringe. Your creations make me yearn to see the next piece, and the next....


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